Orange County & Los Angeles Princesses Characters


Rest assured that Party Princess Productions gives their clients the best show in town! We make a promise to our customers that we provide the highest quality wigs, costumes, and performers. Not only do we send out the most premier entertainment in the industry, we make it affordable too! Don’t stress about the credibility of your party entertainment. Unlike other competition, we do not sub-contract our performers from third party companies. All of our costumes and wigs pictured on the site are the ones that will appear at your party.

 Why pay more when you can get the BEST for LESS??


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ElsaFrozenresize AnnaFrozen1resize Anna&Elsaduoresize
Snow Queen
Snow Princess
The Snow Queen and Sister
Brave Princess
The First Princess
Sleeping Princess
Snow Princess
Cow Girl
Beauty Princess
Green Fairy
Green Frog Princess
Oz Girl
Native American Girl
Wonderland Girl
Heart Queen
Blue Frog Princess
Pop Star Barbie
Nightmare Girl
Arabian Princess
Pop Star Duo
Our Wonderland Experience brings all THREE Wonderland characters down the rabbit hole to your child’s special event! This party will include songs by the characters, games, dancing, face painting and much more!
60 minutes$445
90 minutes$575

Quality Performers

All of our performers are hand selected to portray each type of princess. At Party Princess Productions, we give you the most    authentic performance for any type of birthday party character. Our princesses are trained by the best in the business. Our performers go through rigorous training and attend several parties before they do their own. Most of our perfomers credentials include performances at Disneyland, Broadway, local musicals, and hold Bachelors degrees in performance, acting, and music.

Premier Costumes

Wonder if you’re getting the exact costume shown in the picture? Of course! All of our costumes and wigs pictured on the site are the ones that will appear at your party. Each costume is custom made to ensure the highest quality impersonation. Unlike other companies, all of our costumes are meticulously maintained and appear just as they are seen in the photo. Our award-winning production team creates one-of-a-kind costumes to ensure the most authentic experience for you and your guests.